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playlist: meet rosebud stubbs!

anh recently talked to one of our good pals, brady, about his current and future projects and he put together a lil playlist of favorites for us :)

  1. call the dogs out by the garden

  2. the past recedes by john frusciante

  3. the zephyr song by red hot chili peppers

  4. all night by jurassic shark

  5. daughter by pearl jam

  6. hummer by the smashing pumpkins

  7. absinthe party at the fly honey warehouse by minus the bear

  8. displacement by touché amoré

  9. you might think he loves you for your money but i know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat by death grips

  10. head in the ceiling fan by title fight

  11. clint eastwood by gorillaz

  12. time to pretend by mgmt

  13. hit it and quit it by funkadelic

  14. stand tall by childish gambino

  15. yyz by rush

  16. john the fisherman by primus


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