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cover art favorites

“nEvEr jUdGe a bOoK bY iT’s cOvEr!” As much as we’d hate to admit it, we ALL judge books by their covers… AND MUSIC. A cover serves as the first experience a listener will have the artist. And as much as we’d hate to admit this, our attention spans are pretty low. Attention grabbing designs are therefore crucial in the listening experience!

Muse -The Resistance

This eye-catching cover art is one of my favorite album covers of all time. Not only is it really colorful and beautiful, it also describes the themes of the songs in the album really well. A man standing alone on a pathway to Earth surrounded by space and multi-colored hexagons gives the impression of one person versus the world, which is a common trope found in many of the songs in the album such as “Uprising” and “Unnatural Selection”. When I saw this cover art for the first time, I remember it gave me a sense of loneliness which is what Muse aims to do. They want to make you feel like you’re alone in battling something greater and grander than you. In addition, there is an underlying message of seeking enlightenment, as detailed in the song “Guiding Light”. Overall, this image has many different interpretations and they all perfectly encapsulate the grandiose and philosophical nature of the album.

Mindless Self Indulgence - You'll Rebel To Anything (Expanded & Remastered)

When I first saw this album cover, I knew the songs were going to be good, and they were. What I really like about this art, and Mindless Self Indulgence, is how unapologetic and eccentric it is. I love the depiction of black Jesus with a Catholic Church in the background. I very much adore Catholic aesthetics and themes in general, so this brightly colored and highly contrasted cover art is one of my favorites. This whole piece is so extremely detailed and refined such as the cuts on the hand, the Sacred Heart, the halo, the afro comb, and the overlaying textures on the album. Mindless Self Indulgence is a band that is outrageous, defiant, and their music feels like a slap to the face. This album cover would definitely bring any white middle-aged conservative Christian woman to tears, and I love it for that.

Cigarettes After Sex - (Self Titled Album)

I really feel like not every album cover has to be super intricate and colorful to be appreciated for its art. This cover might be a bit lazy and simplistic, but that’s why I love it. It is minimalistic, yet kind of beautiful. I think it is this specific shade of black and the color of the font that goes really well together. Additionally, the all caps Times New Roman-esque title is also very aesthetically pleasing. For their first album, they wanted to get their name out there and known, which is exactly what this cover did. Furthermore, listening to the songs feels dreamy, melancholic, and almost like you’re diving deep into black water, which is what this album art makes me feel like. It is a dark abyss of emotions and feelings that cannot be seen but only heard.

What are some of your favorite covers?



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