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playlist: <3

roses are red,
violets are blue,
looking for a song to share with a loved one?
well, we've got you!

(listening to these alone is totally cool too [that's what i do])
  1. little queenie by sadgirl

  2. bags by clairo

  3. real estate by adam melchor

  4. fade into you by mazzy star

  5. i love you so by the walters

  6. 2725 by grae

  7. your love is all i need by vista kicks

  8. saw you in a dream by the japanese house

  9. never wanna leave by hate drugs

  10. cariño by the marias

  11. speed dial by oscar lang ft. beabadoobee

  12. uuu by field medic

(and yes, that is paul stanley seductively posing in a pile of rose petals. happy valentine's day!)


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