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photo by david moore, 1965


what's up!

where to begin! we LOVE music. it's our passion, our community. so when we tell people about the amount of shows we've been to, the friends we've made, and the artists we've met, a common remark we receive is: "oh, so you're a groupie?" to most people, a groupie is someone you'd imagine waiting backstage for mick jagger after the show, someone who sleeps and parties with rock n roll royalty. we're here to tell you that you've been looking at it all wrong. in an effort to reinvent the age-old word, our amazing (did i mention female-founded!) team will be coming at you with release reviews, artist interviews, playlists filled to the brim with new discoveries, and just about anything else music related.​

wish us luck as we embark on this wild trip! 

photo by steve emberton, 1978

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